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You should take some steps on your own to complete the drug detox. The treatment offered by the addiction rehab centers in New Jersey is enough to keep you going for a few months but the real treatment is what you do on your own. The first thing that you should do is therapy: both personal and fa...

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One pro tip for any addict to quit substance abuse or drinking is to get enrolled in an inpatient drug rehab. It is always advisable to live in the treatment center as opposed to getting up everyday and heading there. There will be days when you would simply want to quit the whole process of sobr...

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Here are two things to consider when enrolling yourself in any alcohol treatment centers in New Jersey: 1. Checking their credentials. It is very important to know that their practice is hundred percent legitimate and they have been allowed by the government to stay in this profession. 2. Consult...

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If you’re looking for a change in life and want to quit alcohol consumption, this is your chance to do so. We offer alcohol detox for anyone who has developed a habit of drinking too much. But why should you come to us for residential drug treatment? The answer is: we care. Our entire purpose of ...

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Without realizing, some of us are prone to developing a drug or smoking problem with time. It is very important to catch our addictions in their initial stage and fight them off. For this purpose, you will need access to the best drug treatment centers. Apart from reduction of drug intake, we wil...

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Looking to help your drug addict in your friends circle? Want to see their quick recovery? Contact us right away for help right here in New Jersey. New Jersey Addiction treatment centers provide you with everything required for a drug detox of an addict. If you are unable to escort the patient to...

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Everyone has different needs when it comes to treating alcohol detox. AUD (Alcohol use disorder) is a condition developed due to excessive alcohol consumption which can have severe side effects such as depression, hallucinations, etc. Our addiction treatment center in New Jersey offers slow treat...

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Are you facing a lot of problems with an addict family member? Unable to bring them to the rehab center? You have come to the right place. We have the facility of residential drug treatment for anyone seeking sobriety. Our drug rehab center is equipped with the most professionally trained team me...

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Our alcohol rehab center helps in alcohol detox so you are able to completely forego drinking. We schedule our treatment sessions such that our patients are comfortable with their treatments; whether individually or in groups. They feel like they’re living the same life as they were living before...

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2 months ago
This place saved my life. The staff was kind and compassionate, and I felt they really cared about me. The discharge planner took a lot of time to sit with me and make sure I was going to a safe environment after I left. It was exactly the safe and clean landing place that I needed at that time.
- Ashley V
2 months ago
Endeavor has helped me on multiple occasions through out my journey and struggling with addiction. The staff was always attentive to me and did everything they could to help. Coming up on 2 years clean, a hardworking mom and full time employee who shows up, i wouldn’t be where I am if they didn’t give me another chance!
- Samantha V
2 months ago
Best and most caring staff you'll ever find. Great facility. Saved my life.
- Emily S

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in New Jersey


To help addicts get free of the ever tightening hold of dangerous drugs and put them on the road to recovery to a normal life, our Drug Rehab Center in New Jersey, offers meticulous caring services to all its clients. From alcohol to cocaine to all kinds of newly introduced recreational drugs, we offer effectively responsive treatments at our drug addiction treatment center.

We believe that recovery from any kind of addiction is a test of perseverance and self-control. That’s why we have created extremely nurturing yet strict protocols to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible. Keeping away from drugs is a lifelong struggle, even for unaffected people, that drug addicts have a very hard time recovering from their effects and attraction. But with the help of our addiction rehab centers, you can find the right support at the right time.

Why Our Rehab Center?

With certified drug detox and addiction treatment protocols and services, within flexible and comfortable environments, our drug rehab New Jersey center is the best one around. Our highly professional doctors and medical staff have years of experience dealing with a wide range of addictions and drug abuse at various stages of severity. So we take up the challenge of curing any kind of drugs or addiction problem head-on, no matter how big or small.

We do not offer the same standard package to even 2 people because every patient’s personal and medical history is different. So with our medical experts, you can rest assured that you will be treated in a way that works best for you. We offer both outpatient and residential drug rehabilitation services to offer flexibility to our patients. Depending on your medical and living conditions and doctor’s advice, you can be treated effectively with any of those options.

So no matter what personal or medical history you might have, what lifestyle you might follow or how deep your addiction may run, we will find a way to help you heal and get back on the bandwagon to a happier, healthier life.

Treatment and Therapies

All of the services at our addiction and drug treatment centers are certified and monitored by expert doctors and medical practitioners. But how you go through the process is your own choice. After your doctor’s strict instructions, you have the freedom to choose any of the following treatment techniques to heal faster and more effectively.

Residential Drug Rehab

Residential Drug rehab or Inpatient Drug Rehab services allow the patient to receive treatment at the specially designed rehabilitation facility, under constant supervision of medical professionals. Our residential drug rehab services will allow you to move away from the crunch of daily routine and focus primarily on your addiction.

During this rehabilitation process, your activities and response to treatment is monitored 24/7, from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep, and sometimes even during sleep. So if you have a long-history of addiction, especially alcohol, or drug abuse, or you live in an environment where these menaces are in easy reach, then our inpatient or residential treatment services are the right fit for you.

Call us today and get in touch with our expert medicine professionals to know about the suitability of a program for you or a loved one.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

Outpatient Drug Rehab is a program designed to help you treat your addiction while going about your normal routine. You can continue with your work and daily commitments and need only show up at the treatment center at the specified time for consultation and medication.

During an outpatient rehabilitation program, patients are provided with the requisite treatments sessions, which focus on counseling and providing a network of support with similarly affected individuals. This type of rehabilitation is particularly effective for people who have a mild substance abuse problem and want to recover in their own time and lifestyle. All the patients have the flexibility to commit according to their schedule, set realistic milestones for personal growth and exercise self control in staying sober even afterwards.

Recovery Houses

From both inpatient/residential and outpatient drug rehab, we offer a number of carefully designed recovery houses in different locations. So depending on your personal choice and medical condition, you can opt to receive treatment at any of our drug and alcohol treatment centers.

All our facilities are equipped with experienced medical staff and latest treatments with a tremendously welcoming aura to make you feel comfortable and at home, so you recover and heal in the best possible environment. You can check out our facilities in further detail on the website or by personal visit too.


Battling or even deciding to cure a drug addiction is an enormous undertaking on its own, so we don’t want the recovery process to be any more complicated. That’s why you can easily get in contact with us through a phone call or personal visit to any of our treatment facilities. So don’t wait up and drop us a line right now to say goodbye forever to your addiction.  

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